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Car shopping, the singular activity that we as Americans do once every five to seven years, yet only a few of us truly look forward to the experience due to the associated stigma generated by the folk that have meandered in the industry for far too long. Here at University CJDR in Florence Alabama we aim to destroy that stigma to make shopping fun and easy like it should be, because let’s be honest you are getting a new car, why shouldn’t it be fun!

We have all kinds of Jeeps for sale due to having nearly the biggest inventory in the area. Whether you are from Birmingham or Montgomery we have something that suits your expectations. From a vast selection of Grand Cherokees, all the way to the Compass’ to even the grandiloquent Gladiators. The Gladiator make men and women quiver at the knees due to it’s shear power and appearance. The sound emitted it by its all powerful engine indulges the listeners in notes not found on this planet and the ambiance of the interior is unmatched.

Even though our Florence has not been designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, we are still abiding by the rules of perfection. Here at University Jeep we guarantee our product or service and make certain that every person sees that we aim only for customer satisfaction first. Good customer service is the center of all performance. We have the small business mentality and a pricing strategy that will make any frugal member of our cities smile. Our dealership is as beautiful as the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Boboli Gardens combined, we strive to live up to the Florence name of our fabulous and gorgeous city. University Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Ram is renowned across the Rust belt for a multitude of reasons. We don’t need to ask for day trips cause we are close to all the big cities, including the Montgomery county and Nashville Tennessee, as well as we have the lowest sales taxes for Alabama residents – GREAT DEAL!

Our main goal is to ensure that every customer leaves our location with a smile on their face as they drive away in their new dream vehicle. University Jeep is one of the top rated Jeep distributors in the country so if you are looking for a Jeep for sale nearby Florence, or Tuscaloosa. We are pricing your products so that you can take to social media and shout from the rooftops about the amazing deal you got. Whether you are looking for a Jeep or a Ram 1500 we have something for you. Strap into your mode of transportation and energizing country music and venture to receive an outstanding deal with a pre-set price. If the Alabama Senate could rule on our venture they would take it all the way to the supreme court! That is how Supreme our discounts are. To price our products we utilize state of the art market research to ensure that our price points are svelte and adjusted to the price sensitivity of the surrounding areas. So whether you are in Fayette, or near by Huntsville or Mobile or Hunstville we are customer friendly and we want to make sure that you are enthralled first.

We believe that every customer is a star because even though we are thousands of miles away from Hollywood, we know that buyer personas are sort of like the red carpet personas, hence why we roll out the red carpet during your every visit or call. We want to make sure that the Jeep you are looking for is found here and that you change your view in regards to car buying. Smiles and miles is our motto after all, because your carriage shall be a cause for celebration and not bring about disgust.

An automobile over time becomes a part of your family, and whether you are a member of a large syndicate or its just you and your Labrador the best things in life will be experienced with the assistance of your Jeep, and that is why over the pouring sands of time you will develop a longing and connection to your machine that is unmatched by any other tool you will utilize throughout your life, and that is why throughout the ownership we aim to provide you with state of the art customer support without the higher prices. State of the art meaning DaVinci would not develop a more glorious business model, our business acumen is insurmountable because our main goal is to develop a family like relationship with all of our clients. We don’t want to sell you a car we want to help you find the next carriage for you and your family members.

In regards to support we support all sorts of altruistic people, from students to firemen and women to our dear military members and their families, as well as students because they are the future of our country. Show your support of the University of Alabama and we will make certain to take care of you! We believe in a unified community and so we love to get involved in philanthropic events in Alabama and Tennessee as well as nationally, we have a multitude of stores all over the United States .

Prefer not to shop at a dealership and to get a majority of the plethora of steps involved in car buying done at home or over the phone? Well fear not as at University CJDR we have got your back. One simple phone call and we can get you going. Prefer to not even leave your home? No problem! We can complete all the necessary documentation prior and have the vehicle hand delivered to your driveway or office, also we do not partake in documentation fees!

Purchasing a vehicle is a gigantic decision, the second largest fiscal decision of your life right after your home purchase. There are a lot of minute details involved and let’s face it most people are not financial gurus, but that is what our dedicated financial professionals are for. Not only will we assist you in selecting the right vehicle be we will also aid in advancing your financial goals by helping you select the loan type that is right for you whether it is going to be a lease or a flat out purchase. Applying for a vehicular loan has never been easier and you can complete it through our safe and easy to use online portal that makes loan acquisition a walk in the park. No doctor necessary to complete the entire purchase without stress or migraines, matter of fact we warrant that you will leave our premises with a smile or you will have a smile forced on you by our home delivery program.

There is only one way to find out why people are raving about our model and why our satisfaction surveys always return with prodigious remarks, it’s not only our business model it is our vision to ensure 100% transparency on every transaction as well as a smile with every single deal. We make dreams happen not just sales. Whether you are visiting our location for a simple or oil change or you are interested in our upgrade options here at University we have your back.

Join the family and become one of the many satisfied clients of University Jeep servicing Alabama and surrounding states and if you are outside of our boundaries fear not as we can also get the vehicle shipped to your home, call now to find out more and browse our huge inventory of Jeeps.

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated Grand Cherokee or a trailblazing Gladiator, or even a niche and easy to park Compass, there is something for you at University Jeep of Florence Alabama. Take to the open road and enjoy the vast space of the luxurious interiors up-fitted and built with care and the most exquisite of materials all whilst keeping the price reasonable and justifiable. From the supreme quality cloth seats patterned in a way that makes the stitching stand out from the crowd to the Nappa leather on the highest trims there are leaps in bounds in technology represented across all the trims and models of the Jeep brand.

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