NEW & Pre-Owned Jeep Renegade dealer for sale near me by Threet, AL

NEW & Pre-Owned Jeep Renegade dealer for sale near me by Threet, AL

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2018 Jeep Renegade – The Outlaw… Re-Envisioned

They always taught you to buy at the end of the month and near the end of the year, but truly the best possible sale out there and the most aggressive deals happen to be on the left over 2018 inventory.  This is the beautiful sweet spot where you can get a brand new car for a used car price with tremendous savings. Ask for Matt Crane at the University Jeep dealer in Florence Alabama to find out why they are the number 1 top rated Jeep dealer in the United States for excellence in customer service.

The Jeep Renegade is the miniature Wrangler at a fraction of the price. You can get nearly all of the off-road capability and tons of space all whilst fitting into tiny parking spaces and being fuel efficient and green to the planet.

The 2018 Jeep Renegade comes in six different trims listed in order from the most basic to the most advanced : the sport, the latitude, the upland, the altitude, the limited and the trailhawk.   Every trim has available 4×4, but it is standard on all the Uplands and Trailhawks. There is a Renegade out there for everyone, as these different trims are designed to garner a larger following of people with different wants and needs from the grocery getter Renegade to the trailblazing furious adventurer.

The 2018 Jeep Renegade carries a mistique design with sexy curves and a glorious finish. It furnishes the classic boxy appeal of the ruggedness that is unmatched no matter how far off the south of the equator you go, but it also had the modern appearance tilt to it that will turn heads at any National Park or simply cruising down route 66. The sport is certainly the entry level among the line up.  Equipped with the 2.4L I4 Zero Evap M-Air Engine it’s nippy and fuel efficient, hence why some early reviewers have dubbed it the bee with a zinger. Sporting the 9 speed automatic transmission allows for smooth transitions between the gears causing a drive that is smoother than ever. With all the 2018 models remaining on the lot there are no better value deals than the Renegade as it is a truly popular vehicle with loads of creature comforts at an unbeatable price for an entry level compact SUV.  It comes with a standard set of 16 inch steel wheels but fear not if you would like the upgraded appearance you can get an upgraded wheel package and ad the sport appearance group to make the vehicle even more pleasant to the eyes than it already is. It comes standard with the Uconnect 3 with 5-inch display, but you can opt in to upgrade for the Uconnect 4 with the 7 inch display which boasts Apple Car Play and Android Auto so fear not about connecting your phone to the infotainment system or controlling it from the instrument cluster.  All models come with cruise control as a standard option so you can sleep worry free before coming to test drive one if you plan to use it on long roadtrips.

Next up is the Latitude, this one comes with everything the sport has to offer but the Uconnect 4 with 7 inch touchscreen is standard and the base model wheels are also more intriguing, the vehicle also has dual-zone automatic temperature control to prevent arguments between you and your passengers. It is available in the FWD and 4×4 version so that whether you graze the urban jungle or chase adventure on world war ii like terrains you can be sure that going offroad is an option and you can enjoy the Jeep life on the pavement and on the mountainside alike.  The Latitude has an optional 1.4L I4 Turbo engine that offers of course a boost in acceleration but to add a cherry on top also adds to the efficiency helping you limit those expenses at the pump. Your prayers and calls have been answered and there is a plethora of packages in the new 2018 that you can add onto the Jeep to make it more safe and technologically advance regardless of what your latitude and longitude coordinates are. It finally measures up to its big cousin the 2018 Jeep Cherokee. The Renegade was created for those that loathe the Wrangler owners with their circularly shaped headlights and boxy bodies. Although the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is just as capable it just doesn’t look like it belongs on the trail, it seems like your run of the mill grocery getter – but that simply is not the case with the 2018 Jeep Renegade. It is a Renegade, the black sheep of its Jeep family.  You can get several safety packages, a trailer tow package, a cold weather group and even an LED Lighting group that is comparable the the lighting package on the Wrangler. The 2018 Jeep Renegade Latitude for sale nearby Florence and near me and others around us is truly an amazing option for all kinds of buyers. This car can take you through the streets of Florence to the backwoods of Alabama and everywhere else in the world.

Although the Upland takes away the standard 7 inch display of the Latitude, it automatically comes with a more aggressive fascia and set of wheels that are black in color, it is also only available in the 4×4 model, no wonder since it is targeted for those that want on and off road capability.  With its outstanding fuel economy of 21 MPG city and 29 MPG hwy, and even for its size the engine puts out an impressive 180 hp and 175 lb ft of torque. The 2018 Renegade even with its base engine will have you feeling as if you are a part of the Jeep Wave and as if you were surfing a very large wave of happiness.

The next level up of the Jeep Renegade is the Altitude, the Altitude immediately stands away from the remainder of the line up due to its obvious exterior aesthetic upgrades.  The larger blacked out wheels and the blackened badges make the Renegade especially when in the white exterior color truly stand up to its name. Two engine options the 1.4 and 2.4  and a multitude of available packages. The truly outstanding option however doesn’t have anything to do with the drive systems or technology features but instead with the roof options on this model.  Two options to choose from and both are just outstanding and unique. There is a panoramic option and a My Sky roof option, which kind of like the Wrangler allows you the freedom of the open air to flow into your cabin.  You will be saying : I feel the nature near me, and singing with happiness and joy when you take it out on the back roads and feel the open air.

Above the Altitude is the gorgeous and superbly equipped with the 1.4L turbo engine as standard and the leather trimmed bucket seats.  You also already have the 7 inch screen but it is upgrade-able to an 8.4 inch screen with navigation. The standard wheels truly make this vehicle pop, get the LED lighting group to light your path and increase your visibility.

If you want to take things above and beyond the lithe and svelte compact SUV, you can shoot straight for the master of ceremonies Trailhawk model.  Both ready to take on the challenges of keeping you comfortable and safe, but also ready to make leaps and jumps on the off road trails.

Love the Renegade? But aren’t sure you have the time to travel into a dealership to try one out, then check out our Home Direct program that takes car buying to a new level.  This program allows you to search, browse from our tremendous selection and then all you have to do is work with one of our dedicated experts on your price structure. Once that is all done the vehicle with the paperwork will be sent over to the location of your choice.  Up to 20 miles within our home office is complimentary beyond this distance it is up to the discretion and costs associated with shipment but we do ship to all 50 states.

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